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Ideal Environmental Services of West Palm Beach is a full service pest control company. Our pest control services are designed to give you protection from the most common pests that pose nuisance, health concerns, and damage to your home, business, lawn, and landscaping.

Our professional pest control services are designed to allow a trained and certified pest control technician to safely and conveniently inspect and service your property to address these concerns. When taking care of pests, we want to be your trusted Pest Control Experts.

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(Serving Residential & Commercial Clients)


We offer tailored pest control services for all residential and commercial properties. From termites, rodents, whiteflies, chinch bugs, cockroaches, spiders, beetles, bees, silverfish, ants, aphids, scales, flies, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and more...

pest control termites


Most homeowners are unaware of the devastation caused by termites until the damage has already been done. We do preventative treatments like trench and drench. We set up monitoring bait stations, and we do NON TENT termite treatments (Safe for inhabitants). 

Termite and WDO Inspections For Home, Businesses, and Structures.

Pest Control Services


With a tailored treatment plan for your property you can rest assure your home, family, business, and employees will be free from pesky disease carrying, destructive, and dangerous pests.

We can treat your home (inside/outside), business (inside/outside), lawn, trees and landscaping. Insect Exclusion Available.


We Are Local Bee Keepers
We Save The Bees (They provide us with many benefits.)
We Relocate Them
We Don't Exterminate Them
We do trap outs - Trap outs are done in hard to get to areas to remove and relocate the bees.
We Sale bees, wax, candles, honey, soap, skin cream, jelly, supplies, and more

critter control


We use innovative, integrated methods to provide ecologically sound animal removal services for homeowners, businesses and municipalities. We offer both residential and commercial wildlife animal removal services. 

Rodent Control and Exclusion: Rats, Mice, Raccoons, Snakes, Ducks, Bats, Birds, Opossums and more...

white fly treatment


There are currently over seventy-five different species of whitefly in Florida, however, the two most troublesome in Florida landscapes are the ficus whitefly and the rugose spiraling whitefly.

White fly's attack both trees and shrubs and can be eradicated safely using a foliar spray, or root injection.

Call us to schedule a treatment program.

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Termite Pre-Construction Pest Control Services (IDEAL Termite Shield Treatment Program)

Applying a pre-construction termite treatment is the best way to prevent termite infestations, and is mandated by Florida law that a treatment be performed on any new structure.

Termite treatments are a necessary and important process for any new construction. Termites can cause billions of dollars of damage to structures if not treated appropriately. 

First step of treatment happens before the slab is poured. The second treatment comes at a later stage in the construction process providing a double layer of defense against these damaging devastating pest. Please contact us to get your IDEAL Termite Shield Treatment Program. (844)-282-3370

See Our Family-Owned Bee Farm/Apiary


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